Quiz Name: Paperwork Basics

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1. Your ___________ is required on the Meal Attendance Sheet to verify its accuracy.
A. Social Security Number
B. Signature
C. Direct Deposit Account Number
2. For each child you are claiming on the Attendance Sheet, you must list the childs full legal name and age.
3. You are allowed to claim _____________ per child, per day.
A. 3 meals and 3 snacks
B. 3 meals only
C. 2 meals and 1 snack or 1 meal and 2 snacks
D. 3 meals or 3 snacks
4. The message box on the Attendance Sheet is used to inform the food program office of:
no school days
vacation days
anything at all
all of the above
5. Meal attendance can _________ be marked in prior to the meal being served.
A. never
B. occasionally
6. Menus can be written in before the meal, during the meal, or throughout a single workday.
7. End of the day attendance is allowed if the provider has:
A. 12 or less children in attendance during the entire day
B. never been found seriously deficient
C. both A and B
8. A shift form is used if a provider is claiming more than their capacity at a meal because children are coming and going.
9. When filling in menus, each food should correspond with the component title in the same row on the left side of the page. Example: "Apples" should be written on the ________________ row.
A. Milk
B. Meat/Meat Alternate
C. Bread/Grain
D. Fruit, Vegetable or 100% Juice
10. When filling in the snack menus, you need to choose two components. Which of the options below is not a creditable snack?
A. Graham Crackers and 100% Apple Juice
B. Carrot Sticks and 100% Apple Juice
C. Cheese Chunks and Apple Slices
D. Milk and Banana
11. Food items should be listed specifically on the menu. Which of these options is the correct way to write components on the menu?
A. Saltine Crackers instead of just Crackers
B. Grape Juice instead of just Juice
C. Kix instead of Cereal
D. All of the above.
12. If a child has a food allergy or a medical condition that alters the required meal components, a food substitution form must be on file at the food program office. Additionally, the substitution must be listed on the menu form.
13. On each page of menus you will need to write:
A. your signature
B. the month and year
C. your license number or DHS billing number for relative care providers
D. all of the above
14. For children ages 1 through 12 years, you will use the _____________ menu.
A. infant
B. regular
15. For children ages birth through 11 months, you will use the ________________ menu.
A. infant
B. regular
16. Infants that are ages birth through 7 months are only required to have formula or breast milk at all meals and snacks.
17. The exact day a child turns __________, he/she will need to be moved to the regular menu.
A. 8 months
B. 18 months
C. 1 year
18. Cereal on the infant menu must be infant, iron-fortified, dry cereal.
19. If you care for infants, you are required to offer all infants a complete and developmentally appropriate meal including at least one type of iron-fortified infant formula.