Quiz Name: Claiming Options

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1. Online Claiming eliminates:
A. most of the daily paperwork associated with the food program.
B. the process of mailing in your claim.
C. All of the above.
2. All meal attendance regulations apply for online claiming as well as normal paper claims.
3. When serving a combination meal and using the online claiming system, you must always serve an additional side dish of a fruit/vegetable.
4. If your computer goes down for a period of time and you are using the online claiming system you:
A. must keep track of menus and attendance on paper to be added to the system later.
B. remember what you served until it can be added to the system.
C. will not receive reimbursement for the time your computer is not working.
5. When using the Online Claiming system, you must submit child registration letters to the office, prior to submitting your monthly claim.
6. To make changes to Ready Made Menus:
A. you do not need to note any changes you make to the menus.
B. cross off the food item listed and write your substitution next to it.
7. When using the Ready Made Menus, you are required to write what type of __________________ you are serving.
A. juice
B. cereal
C. crackers
D. All of the above.
8. The food program menus (whichever kind you are using) are only a guide. They do not need to be specific.
9. Cycle Menus are only a guide. Providers must note any changes to the menu.
10. If there is a choice of foods listed on the Ready Made Menus (ex. peanut butter/yogurt), you must circle which food was served.
11. If a provider does not ________________________, the provider will no longer be able to use Ready Made Menus.
A. note changes to the menu, if necessary
B. verify meals to a consultant
C. All of the above
12. The only time you write a Quick Code on your menu is when you serve a meal ____________ what is listed in the book.
A. similar to
B. nothing like
C. exactly as